For existing Join Venture Partners wanting to Data Exchange on Pathway students we offer the Institutional Data Exchange (IDX).  Unlike the rest of the API Catalog, this a conventional XML/SFTP integration.

These integrations use a defined XSD payload and can be exchanged between INTO’s core systems and a University partner’s systems on a given interval.  Typically, this data contains information about a student, their course/program section and the status of their offer.  The XML approach does not have the agility of a standard REST API integration but is generally more compatible with the university records systems commonly in use across the US and the UK.  It is widely used by our partners globally for integration.

Products Pathway

For UK Joint Ventures wanting to use API’s for Data Exchange – we now also offer a Pathway API Product.

Direct Entry

For partners wanting to take advantage of INTO’s Direct Entry service, we offer a set of API’s grouped under the Direct Entry Product.

The Direct Entry program offered by INTO uses API’s that fall into the following categories:

  • Direct Entry Monitor - Leads generated by the INTO Global Recruitment network can be ingested by Direct Entry partners using the API
  • Direct Entry Update – partner made changes to a Direct Entry application, for example Offer or Acceptance Status, can notify and update INTO Systems

Direct Entry


For affiliates wanting to act as a lead generator for Pathway and Direct Entry courses we offer the Lead API which is part of the Affiliates product.  Affiliates can also take advantage of our Catalog Search API to make course available on their websites or integrate with back-end systems.


To simplify the integration of Search and Apply we also now offer a Search and Apply widget.

Recruitment Partners

We welcome integration with our Global Agent network and offer a direct API integration as well as our PartnerPortal (

Agents can use the following API set to integrate

  • Create applications for Pathway and Direct courses
  • Monitor the Offer and Response Status of applications
  • Search all of our global Course catalog

Recruitment Partners

Other Use Cases

If you do not fit one of these pre-built product offerings but would still like to integrate with us then please get in touch using our contact form here